Author Jim Goodwin

The Man, The Mystery, The Magic

Jim Goodwin: An Author With Endless Creativity!

Author Jim Goodwin, is a person who has never believed in limitation. This man, whom has worn many hat’s so to speak, is a natural writer. His former activities include a successful career as a science academic, running a globally recognized medical science company as well as racing motor cycles and acting as a part-time life guard.

James William Goodwin (Born in Bristol, UK), is known for his humorous, and real take on life and society.

After achieving a Science Degree during night school. Jim took a position in Bristol University, where he went on to tutor many students.

Following a successful academic career in science at Bristol University in the UK, Jim then went on to move to the USA in 1999. Where he went on to Author Two Successful Science Textbooks. Both are now available as second editions.

Naturally Jim has been drawn to writing novels. In 2010, Jim chose to devote himself to Writing Fiction.

Attracted to indie-publishing. Jim has carved himself out many titles, within several genres of fiction. His writing style is significantly recognised, by the flavours of his novels.

Let him take you, on an exciting adventure that captivates your heart & feeds your curiosity…

After publishing his first novel Hazel Johnson, publish on November 22nd 2011, we saw a deep and tender image of a trapped women, under pressure from her Father, whilst falling in love with a young mathematician.

In this beautiful Romance novel, we are taken by the hand, through the tender emotional turmoil of an inspiring portrait of a women in a make or break situation.

A beautiful journey, that will have you FALLING IN LOVE with the characters of this novel.

Although this first novel is in the Romance genre. His imagination isn’t limited to this single genre.

As we can see in his Second Novel A Silk Robe, publish on April 1st 2012. We are invited to join this powerful coming of age novel. A truly thrilling and real window into a young man coming of age.

Jim’s Third Novel Left Field, publish on April 22nd 2012. Follows two brothers, in a gritty tale, that will have you on the edge of your seat.

This Author, is showing no sign of stopping. As a further four books have been written. With more on their way. An Author to watch! Discover more of Jim Goodwin’s Novels Here…