Drifting In The Mist:
'Outrageous & Wild' Descent into The Mind

Of a Comatose Senator!?

Prepare to be awestruck, whilst you laugh out loud by Author Jim Goodwin’s timeless comedy classic: ‘Drifting In The Mist

Released and published in late 2015, ‘Drifting In The Mist‘ has set the bar high for Comedy Adventure!

Follow Senator Glimson. As he descends into the radical far reaches, of worlds who have taken particular social norms… TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF EXTREME!

Drifting In The Mist‘ will take you to dazzling places! Watch as Senator Glimson, explores these frightening and hilarious worlds. At first all may seem to good to be true…

Let yourself be drawn into this elaborate journey…

FROM THE BACK OF ‘Drifting In The Mist’

Glad to get away from the State Capitol, Senator Jason Glimson heads for home in his Town Car. His trip is cut short as a truck full of fish T-bones him and sends him to the intensive care unit. Drifting in and out of consciousness in periods of drug induced sleep, he slowly recovers as his daughter Megan sits anxiously by his side.
His dreams are vivid, and in them he visits new places that have embraced changes in social norms, each in different ways that make the towns at once familiar, but also strange and frightening. He finds that ideas that at first seem logical and benign are not always so when acted out fully and each new town challenges the boundaries of his comfort zone.
In his recovery, vague memories of his journeys stay with him causing him to look at his life anew. Now doubtful of the value of his earlier ambitions, he decides to recast his future.

Title Price Author ISBN Published Publisher
Drifting In The Mist $11.99 $20.38 Jim Goodwin 1517327865 Oct,05,2015 Create Space

A beautiful mix of social commentary and political humour. This novel will have you peering through the OUTRAGEOUS view of : ‘A Senator Who’s Mind Is Expanding!…’

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