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There is a Genre for everyone!

Jim Goodwin has produced fiction, ranging from many different genres. Here you can select the theme of your choice, then explore the books within!

Dive in and discover, the fiction that will fill your imagination with wonder! Remember to bookmark this page.


An smiling icon to communication the book genre of comedy for Jim Goodwin Books


Ridiculously funny reading

A beautiful mix of hilarious adventures, that will have you giggling with delight...

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An image of a compass, as an icon communicating the coming of age genre for Jim Goodwin Books.

Coming of Age

Inspired Life Journeys

Experience these individuals find their way, and define their place in the world.

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Family shaped icons, in front of a crashing wave, communicating the fiction genre of Family Saga for Jim Goodwin Books.

Family Saga

Incredibly Deep Bounds

Witness as family ties are tested, tightened and torn!

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Heart shapes, an icon to communicate the book genre of romance for Jim Goodwin Books.


Deeply Romantic Encounters

Let your imagination, be taken to places, so intimate... So tender...

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Planetary icon, floating in space, a great nebular behind. This is an icon communicating the genera of Science Fiction books for Jim Goodwin Books.

Science Fiction

Fascinating Explorations

The future is close, so close you can taste the star dust, as you turn the page!

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Short Stories by Author Jim Goodwin,

Short Stories

Beautifully enchanted reading

An eclectic mix of exciting adventures that leave you wanting more...

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A knife icon, with a darkly like brick wall backing, to communicate the thriller novel genre for Jim Goodwin Books.


Gripping Gritty Events

Hold onto the edge of your seat, as plot twists shock and amaze you!!

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What ever Genre you adore, when it comes to fiction, look no further then this page. Jim will be busy writing many new novels. So make sure you bookmark this page to see what, he’s writing in next!

See something a friend, family member or loved one would like? Fiction is the perfect gift for anyone. Here you will find the right gift, that will give that special someone a warm glow.